Fifty Largest Refugee Camps – A story map presented by Esri

Fifty Largest Refugee Camps – A story map presented by Esri. I’m interested in refugee studies, digital humanities, and maps.  This site rocked my world. Trying to explain a refugee camp is difficult. This map goes for population comparisons, telling us that Wad Sherife in northern Sudan, population 16,231 is comparable in size to Charlestown, […]

Providence After School Alliance

Providence After School Alliance. The Providence After School Alliance seems to be the sort of “architectonic productive art” that Chris Lindgren, Matt Warner, Emily Bartz, Jade Sandbulte and I have been trying to imagine and build in Fargo (with a nod to Richard McKeon’s definition of rhetoric).   Our focus has been a little more […]

The Paradise that Wasn’t: Refugee youth in America

Allison Myers response to my last post reminded me to share Evodie Ngoy’s short documentary film,  “The Paradise that Wasn’t.”  Evodie talked to refugee youth in Baltimore about their experiences of resettling. They told a lot of stories about not fitting in, struggling in school, struggling to make friends, but they also shared their love […]

Center for Digital Storytelling – Blog – Strangers in a Strange Land… No More – by Allison Myers

Center for Digital Storytelling – Blog – Strangers in a Strange Land… No More – by Allison Myers. The Center for Digital Storytelling brought together two of my passions yesterday: digital humanities (digital story telling specifically) and refugee studies. They shared a powerful story from a young Iraqi refugee in honor of World Refugee Day.

What Went Wrong with the Half the Sky Game? Narrative and Dialogue

3. We started the writing process late in the production timeline and did not bring a writer onto the project until the end. A major part of our game experience is the dialogue and narrative. Despite multiple people’s efforts, we were not hitting the desired writing quality and knew there was lots of content left […]

Ulmer’s Avatar Emergency Remixed

I have cut large swaths from Greg Ulmer’s essay “Avatar Emergency,” emboldened key statements, and inserted my GLOSS on his ideas.  I have tried to indicate how students in Electronic Communication might think about, and practice avatar, not simply as the online identity they construct but the online identity that finds them, the identity they […]