MLK Day, #northofnormal

The Martin Luther King Day Celebration in Fargo, ND is #northofnormal.  The King legacy sometimes feels like a textbook legacy, although a few residents I know of have powerful connections to the Civil Rights movement. The late John May and local basketball legend was a kid living in DC during the March on Washington; Rebecca […]

Summer 2017: Giving + Learning Opportunities

Originally posted on Giving + Learning:
Giving + Learning offers drop-in tutoring every Saturday and Sunday from 4-6 pm at the WE Center (15-21st Street South, Fargo, Suite 102).  All learners are welcome: English language learners, citizenship test preparation, driver’s permit test preparation, GED test preparation.  We have materials to support all these activities, and experienced…

Bienvenue a Marly-Gomont (or Fargo)

Welcome to Marly-Gomont (The African Doctor) provides historical perspective on a contemporary problem.  An African doctor, educated in France but of Congolese nationality,  is recruited to small town France in 1975. He sees a path to citizenship, the community sees a black person for the first time and wants nothing to do with him.  Predictably, […]


Originally posted on African Soul, American Heart:
Conflict has riveted our attention, commanded our news outlets, thrust its way into our conversations, confused and divided us on an international, national, local, and personal level. It’s front and center, and we can’t seem to look away or to come together to find solutions. That isn’t to…