Deb Dawson tells the African Soul, American Heart story in this well written, illustrated post that also explains how the ongoing conflict in South Sudan affects ASAH.

African Soul, American Heart

Soldier (1 of 1)

Conflict has riveted our attention, commanded our news outlets, thrust its way into our conversations, confused and divided us on an international, national, local, and personal level. It’s front and center, and we can’t seem to look away or to come together to find solutions.

That isn’t to say that the world or most individuals are worse-off today than at previous times in our history. The weapons may be new, but atrocities have been committed since the beginning of human existence. The availability of world-wide news 24 hours a day and the numbing repetition of breaking news on a device we carry in our pockets brings every event into our immediate consciousness.

Though I live in Fargo, North Dakota, I work in a part of the world where civil war has been nearly a constant since 1955, with a break from 1972 to 1983. The second Sudanese civil war lasted…

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