Hour of Code: Going the wrong direction!

I just found an “Hour of Code” link underneath the Google Search bar and had to follow it. Chris Lindgren and I have a work in progress called “Code Decade” that challenges the “Code Year” rhetoric–learn a language online in a year, get a fabulous job.  We obviously think learning code, to program, and learning computational thinking, takes more than a year.  We spent three years working with elementary students who are supposed to suck this stuff up like Mountain Dew, right, and guess what they said: “it’s hard, it isn’t that much fun, I’d rather play a video game.”  They had some successes, but maybe one of the 25 we worked with will study CS in high school (available in Fargo!) or college.  I suppose CS majors will say it takes 4 years, but I bet most of them are much better coders, programmers, thinkers, after a decade.  The video is fast paced, has radiant star power, and it might inspire a few people to give coding a try, but don’t be fooled again.

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