Tool Kit Assignment

From Evernote:

Tool Kit Assignment

Due: Dec 14, but earlier would be better. Value 50 points.
Grading: completion points (50/50), with demerits for information not provided (i.e. a point off for every missing item) or not clearly presented (i.e. poorly written, not proofread, etc.).

In this class, I’ve been trying to introduce you to three key tools:

  1. Evernote: software for taking field notes, storing documents, organizing your academic life: a tool for knowledge management.
  2. Zotero: also knowledge management, but specific for doing research. Store articles, build collections, generate bibliographies in Zotero. Collaborate too!
  3. WordPress: a website / weblog platform where you can present your work in an electronic portfolio, share your process thinking through blogging, and set up a home base for your social media channels. You can send or copy selected Evernote entries to WordPress.

All three platforms allow for categorizing and tagging information.

To complete this assignment, I am asking you to sign up for each service and provide evidence that you have used each one. In order to do that, please compose an Evernote entry that:

1. Describes how you have used Evernote this semester (any and all classes, not just this one), and how you plan to use it in the future. If you don’t plan to use it in the future, explain why. If you have questions about Evernote use, please ask those questions.
2. Describes how you have used Zotero this semester, and how you plan to use it in the future. If you don’t plan to use it in the future, explain why. If you have questions about Zotero, please ask those questions. Please link to your Zotero profile (e.g. or better, your library (
3. Same drill, WordPress. You shouldn’t need to link to your WordPress site because I should be reading this entry there.
4. Email that Evernote entry to your WordPress blog. If you email it to WordPress directly from Evernote, your entry will say "From Evernote."
5. In order to email to WordPress, you will need to go into the WordPress dashboard, My Blogs, and enable "Post by Email." Full instructions, including how to include categories and tags with emails, here:
6. If I do not already have your WordPress URL, please email that to me.

When setting up accounts, you are welcome to use an alias, rather than your actual name if you are concerned about your sharing too much personal information or premature representation of self in a public setting (the Internet). If you have serious reservations about using these tools, I would be happy to talk to you about other kinds of knowledge management plans.


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