Moby Dick Online: blogs, essays, editions, etc.

From Evernote:

Moby Dick Online: blogs, essays, editions, etc.

Starting this collection of resources

Joyce Carol Oates on Moby-Dick:
A fabulous account of the book’s greatness and flaws.

Jane Nesmith:
Great list of interesting (but not so famous) aspects of the book.

MobyDick: The Big Read. Audio files for every chapter.
Innovative participatory project, but I love Frank Mueller reading the book, via Audible:

Nice literacy narrative about encountering the book, slowly coming to love it. The site also tracks readership, and creates a chapter cloud based on visits. "Loomings," not surprisingly, is out in front.

If you need a copy of Moby-Dick, Project Gutenberg has ebooks for free in various formats:

Reactions in a blog from somebody just getting started:

Reading in a Participatory Age: Remixing Moby-Dick is available through Google Books; many examples of how readers interact with this monster of a text and make it their own (although I think the book always wins out) :


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