10 Things for English Majors to Do at NDSU

From Evernote:

10 Things to Do at NDSU

1. Join English Club and participate in the Conversational English Circles: you will meet students from around the world.

2. Attend at least one NDSU Theater production; consider trying out for a play.
3. Write for the Spectrum or another publication. Review a book, movie, play, etc..
4. Submit a poem, story, or flash fiction item to Northern Eclecta. Every year.
5. Join Sigma Tau Delta if you are invited (i.e. if you have sufficiently high GPA), and attend the national convention once.
6. Go on at least one Guthrie Theater Trip with the English department.
7. Study a second language: you will never have a better opportunity.
8. Get a passport and travel to Winnipeg, take a class abroad, or study abroad.
9. Visit at least one exhibition at the Plains Arts Museum, Ecce Gallery, or the MU Gallery and seriously write about it. Ekphrasis: look it up!
10. Talk to your professors outside of class. Use their office hours to talk about classwork, about topics of general interest, about career plans, etc..


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