Fifty Largest Refugee Camps – A story map presented by Esri

Fifty Largest Refugee Camps – A story map presented by Esri.

I’m interested in refugee studies, digital humanities, and maps.  This site rocked my world.

Trying to explain a refugee camp is difficult. This map goes for population comparisons, telling us that Wad Sherife in northern Sudan, population 16,231 is comparable in size to Charlestown, Maryland. I wish the site, however, could also include things like sq. miles or kilometers.  I’m guessing Wad Sherife would be something like 2 sq miles and Charlestown 10 sq miles. Wad Sherife would have one ill-equipped hospital; Charlestown one or two well-equipped, with easy access to John Hopkins in Baltimore.  Residents of Wad Sherife: 30lbs of food for 30 days; Charleston residents: 30 lbs at a single lobster or crab fest.

I’m not sure why Kakuma, the refugee camp I visited in 2007, is not on the map. It opened in 1992, has housed over 100,000 refugees at its peak, still houses over 60,000, I think. The camp, like some of the other camps listed, are broken into smaller camps, groups, or areas: maybe none of the Kakuma groupings exceeds 16,231–the smallest of the fifty largest camps.

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