Refugees – YouTube

Refugees – YouTube.

A foll0w-up to the last post; the Center for Digital Storytelling has collected five refugee youth narratives.  The countries of origin are all different (except for two from Somali); the experiences wide-ranging.


2 thoughts on “Refugees – YouTube

  1. Hi-
    Thank you so much for sharing our post in honor of World Refugee Day!
    I will be continuing to upload stories made by refugee youth in StoryCenter (Center for Digital Storytelling) workshops on that link, so I hope you’ll check back to see some new ones.
    I’m looking forward to doing more digital storytelling workshops with refugee youth and will hopefully be developing a guide with the youth to facilitate discussion in high school classrooms using these stories- to deepen awareness of the issues that refugees face when they resettle in the US.

  2. Hi Allison.

    You have a great project, and I’d love to be able to help you empower students to tell their own stories. I work with refugee youth in Fargo, ND and have been teaching digital storytelling in one form or another for almost 20 years.

    Have you seen Evodie Ngoy’s short, “The Paradise that Wasn’t”? You can read an interview with her and see the doc here:

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