Six miles kinda hurts

Got through my six miles with some knee pain and general fatigue, which isn’t great because I still have 7.1 to go! But I got through, and will aim for 7 next Sunday.  Y’all know I will be 45 a few days after the 1/2 marathon, right, and that I have never done this before. I always figured it would hurt, and had the good sense to avoid distance running until now.  So much for getting wiser.

My fundraising pitch was embarrassingly successful: I went from $25 to $265 and from last on my team to third.  Thanks to everybody who chipped in; I tried to send thank you emails but got some anonymous donations and first-name only donations.  Every little bit helps get us closer to a solar-powered electric system for the ASAH School for Girls in South Sudan.  Having power will allow the girls to read and study at night, improve safety when we install compound lights, and may eventually power some of the cooking appliances (all wood and coal right now) and educational technologies.



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