Fargo Marathon Update: Training Good, Fundraising Bad.

I haven’t updated my 1/2 marathon progress lately, but I’m happy to say I’ve been working my program and my program is working.  I started with a modest mile that made my knee ache, but I followed hard core runners advice: no pain no gain.  I’ve been adding a mile every week (Sunday runs), and doing speed work on Wednesday or Thursday.  Latest updates:

5 miles in 50 minutes on Sunday.

3.66 miles in 30 minutes tonight (Thursday).

No pain, lots of gain!

Feeling pretty confidence about 6 miles on Sunday except that I’ll have to treadmill hop at the Y–hope nobody notices or cares.

Fundraising for the solar power system for the ASAH School for Orphaned Girls–that’s not going so well.  Only $25 showing (although I’ve actually raised $115) and last on my team.  Maybe somebody can help me out with that program. : )



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