I really need to use more descriptive or intriguing titles when broadcasting to the world.

Electronic Communication @ NDSU

The Impact Foundation published final totals on Facebook:

Giving Hearts Day 2013 total – $3, 679,655!

Top 10 fundraisers:
• FirstChoice Clinic: $249,787
• YWCA of Cass Clay: $241,516
• Fraser, Ltd.: $191,327
• TNT Kid’s Fitness: $156,476
• Churches United for the Homeless: $131,283
• YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties: $128,680
• North Dakota Autism Center: $120,532
• Oak Grove Lutheran School: $114,958
• Family HealthCare: $75,715
• Great Plains Food Bank: $66,748

VISIONBank video contest: Anne Carlsen Center $1,000, CCRI $500, TNT Kid’s Fitness $500, Gateway to Science $250

Congratulations to everyone!

The top 7 fundraisers did have videos, but only TNT’s video was a winner.  If the videos made an impact on overall fundraising, it seems to have been minimal, although stronger videos and better distribution / networking could change that in 2014.

Fraser Ltd only started Facebook on Monday Feb. 7th.  Their video had very…

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