Fargo Marathon Log 5

Rode bike at the XerZone again tonight: 30 second sprints, 30 seconds steady for about 15 minutes, then steady until I hit 6 miles (21:30).  According to stationary bike / video game, still 10 minutes slower than Mr. Speedy, but only 1 minute slower than the 10th fastest rider.

Probably not a workout worthy of many donations, but $5 will get me to $100! 



One thought on “Fargo Marathon Log 5

  1. Reblogged this on Electronic Communication @ NDSU and commented:

    I’ve been posting my Marathon Log to Facebook, but in the spirit of week 3, I realized that I could post to my personal blog, it would automatically repost to Facebook and Twitter, and I could re-enforce some of the principles we have been working on. My style–curt, almost telegraphic (I’m not much of a talker). A link to my fundraising efforts, and image. Takes a bit more effort to link and include an image, but makes a better post.

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