3 more #CWCon 2012 talks

Collin Brooke gave me one more conference talk link, and I scanned Twitter and found a few more. Happy to collect, but

1) shouldn’t we have a tagging protocol in place and

2) can’t we write an algorithm to find and collect the properly tagged web entries?

1. John Jones couldn’t make the conference either, so he recorded a presentation.

» #CWCON 2012 talk John Jones.

2. Karl Stolley, Town Hall. Source Literacy: A Vision of Craft.  Includes an informal curricular sketch, which is missing from most calls to code.

Alex Reid’s Keynote, Composing objects: prospects for a digital rhetoric 

“From living and learning in digital communities to facing up to climate change, we must now compose rhetorics that incorporate technoscientific objects and build a future that includes them rather than divides them from us.”




One thought on “3 more #CWCon 2012 talks

  1. I’ve been able to perform a few Twitter search requests on #cwcon + “http” (which includes retweets, unfortunately) heading back to Friday afternoon. If you’re interested, shoot me an email and maybe we can tighten it up? (I know I’m missing something.)

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