Virtual World Vlog: The start of week 6 (#ec457)

I’ve been doing screen casts to start each week up until now, but after a warm up blog last night (Avatar Blog below), I just decided to keep rolling with my vlogging.  I did move from my iPad back to my desktop, and I didn’t use my headset, so the audio is a little quiet. I kept up my avatar theme–a little off center, a little in the dark.  I did some post-production editing, including short musical intro (“Now Get Busy” by the Beastie Boys) and text to highlight key points, making the piece a bit more like lecture, but I hope you like that feature.  Took me way to long to produce a 6 minute video; talking into the iPad and hitting “send to YouTube” is waaaaay more efficient.  I’ve also avoided the WordPress upload problems I had last week by simply posting to YouTube.  I could have done that all semester with screen casts, but wanted to try out premium WP.  Probably not worth it.

Enough.  Watch the thing, and let me know what you need to know about week 6.


One thought on “Virtual World Vlog: The start of week 6 (#ec457)

  1. Personally, I think this is a much more effective way of addressing the class each week. I like being able to see your face… it makes me feel more connected and keeps my attention better than the screencasts.

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