Wondering when one social media service will be one too many

Week 4 in #ec457 includes reading about Myspace and Facebook, but the work will be in Google+.  We will apply what we read to evaluating G+.  I came into WordPress to see if I could share with G+, but I can’t. After I post, I will have to “share” my own post with G+ (or should be calling it +1?).

An important, fundamental issue came up in week 3–why Tweet? The same issue will come up here.  If most people use one service (FB), maybe 2 (FB + Twitter), occasionally 3 (FB, T, Blog), sometimes 4 (add in Digg or Reddit) who in their right mind uses 5 services actively? We know Paul Levinson does as he promotes his books and ideas; John Lindensmith from our own class uses a variety of services to promote his novels and Kyle Locket has been the social media strategist on some political campaigns.  Excuse me if I have left off other heavy users from the class.  The key for all three, however, is the good old rhetorical concept of “purpose,” in this case “promotion.”  Most of us are uncomfortable just promoting ourselves, but we might be comfortable promoting a book or a cause.  We might also be interested in using social media to seek help, seek ideas, or support others in their work–that just makes us feel good.

I’m practically repeating the week 4 schedule here, so let me just remind everyone of our purposes this week.

1. to learn about Google+ and related Google products. You might pay particularly close attention to the issue of “how are non-profits and organizations using Google +?”  That seems considerably less obvious than on Fb.

2. to use Google+ (as well as your blog, your tweets, and even Facebook) to help you establish a topic for your first-half essay.  Paul Levinson will be including a chapter on Google + in his second edition of New New Media–you might want to chat with him about that.

3. this is not on the schedule, and is a subpoint to learning about Google +: I’d like to suggest you all try “hanging-out” on G+. It might be a good way to do some essay idea brainstorming.

4.  a final subpoint of Google+:  let’s notify each other of blog posts through Google+, rather than, or in addition to, our class website.  I have set up a circle for us, so please join asap and see what happens when we move our posting into a more social site than our class website.

If I have completely confused anyone, please come hangout with me on Google+.  : )



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