Making the most your WordPress Blog

Everybody got up and running in week 1; now it is time to get your WordPress blog humming.

1. The WordPress Tutorial is the most comprehensive guide; it covers my favorite tips, but I’ll list them anyway.

2. The “Settings” menu item has many great features hidden. Start with Settings > General and give your blog a great tagline (“Just Another WordPress Blog” doesn’t cut it).

3. Settings > Writing has the “Press This” widget I highly recommend.  Choose “Post by email” if you think that will work for you.

4. Settings > Sharing.  Have your posts automatically generate a Facebook status update, a Tweet, a Google +1, or connect to a number of other services.

5. Explore the many other options available to you under “Settings.”

6. Use “Categories” and “Tags.” When you post to the main site, please remember to identify a category, but because you don’t likely (is this true?) have the privilege to add a new category, you can also consider including tags.  John Lindensmith is leading the way with his extensive tagging; tells us a lot about a particular post, and also lets us look at all the posts about Paul Levinson or other tags.

7. Try out polls to increase interactivity and find out important if unscientific things.

8. Allow readers to rate your posts; check the settings under rating.

9. Spend a lot of time with the Widgets, found under “Appearance.” For the main site, I am using the Twitter Widget, the Delicious Widget, Links, and Follow this Blog.  I didn’t want to overcrowd the right hand column, but always liked the Tag and Category Clouds.

You thought I was going to give you a top 10 list, didn’t you, but I am going to invite readers to leave their favorite suggestion for “Making the Most of WordPress” in the comments section.

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