Story for HopeMob

A family I know is coming up on 3 years in America, having resettled from a Kenyan refugee camp. In the last year, the father was almost killed when a bus ran a stop sign; he is in pain every day he works as a janitor, despite speaking 5 languages, holding 2 master’s degrees (including one from the US). The mother is in pain every day, her feet swollen and sore from hour after hour on the concrete at Walmart; now working some overnight shifts as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant. Oldest daughter moved out; homeless, finished high school, but struggling in college. Works too much and got caught driving without a license. Next oldest broke down after 18th birthday, 72-hour detainment, $2,000 medical bill and can’t afford medication that might help her finish high school. Instead, she plans to sleep for eight months and try again next year.  These great people (haven’t talked about all of them) could sure use a HopeMob right about now. 

Story for HopeMob


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